The despair of the Liberal left

So here’s the deal. Sometime between now and 30 November 2013, we’re gonna have an election. And unless things change dramatically, after that election, we’ll have Tony Abbott as our Prime Minister.

Lots of people are worried about this. Lots of ALP supporters and Greens supporters and conscientious objectors to the entire political process are worried. But here’s the thing. The Liberal left is worried too.

I’m part of the Liberal left. I think that we should have a robust social security system in this country and I think we should look after people who need help and I want health and education to be high quality and free for those who can’t afford to pay for it. And I want us to welcome refugees, to be the nicest god-damn country on the planet because seriously, all this crap about border security is a massive racist beat-up. I want any adult who wants to get married to another adult be free to do that.┬áBut I also want people to be able to enjoy the rewards to their hard work and I think the best way to look after people is to be able to afford to do it.

But many of us are scared too. We want the Liberal party to be better than you’re seeing lately. And that’s why we’re here.

We’re worried that the party is being increasingly over-run with a right wing conservative agenda, and we’re worried that the focus on bringing down the Gillard Government is leading the party to focus on what’s a good headline in 24 hours rather than what’s good leadership.

If you’re interested in telling us why we shouldn’t support the Libs, this probably isn’t the place for you. This is a place for those – from any side of politics – who want the Liberal party to do a better job, to talk about how that can be done.

We’re not going to sledge anyone here and we won’t tolerate disrespect of our elected members – fundamentally, we still think it’s an honourable job, whatever your politics.

We’re not elected officials, and unless we expressly say so, we’re not working for the party or any of its elected representatives at all. We’re private citizens, some of us working in jobs where having an overtly political bent isn’t helpful so those people will be allowed to blog anonymously.

We’d like you to join us in making helpful contributions to the debate and offering Tony Abbott some constructive advice about what’s important to us.

He could be Prime Minister soon, it’s worth helping him be the best one he can be.